Venus (XVS) In-Depth Look (Fees and Yield Explained, How to Supply, Borrow And Mint On The Platform) Platform
Metamask Wallet (BSC Network)
How-to Set Up BSC Wallet Video
Wallet Transactions on BscScan
Supply Balance
Assets Supplied
Supply Yield
Assets Borrowed
Transaction on BscScan
Borrowed Asset Details
Mint VAI Tokens

How to Repay Borrowed Tokens

  1. Go to the Borrow Market tab.
Borrow Market Tab
Token Details
Repaying Borrowed Assets
Borrow Balance is 0

How to Supply More XVS Tokens

  1. Go to the “Supply Market” tab.
Supply Market Tab
Supplying Token
MetaMask Notification
Enable to Initiate Permission
Toggle Collateral
Key Data at a Glance
Collect XVS Rewards



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