How to Stake, Withdraw and Claim Rewards on PancakeSwap | Step-By-Step Guide

How to Stake in Single Token Pools?

Manual CAKE Pool

MetaMask Wallet

Add Token
Add Token Address

Staking In Single Token Pools

“Enable” to Authorize for Staking
Confirm to “Enable” Staking
Indicate Number of CAKES to Stake
Paying Gas Fees for Transaction
Confirming Transaction in Progress
Confirmation of Successful Transaction
CAKES are Staked in Pool

How to Withdraw Tokens in PancakeSwap?

Click on (—) Button to Unstake Tokens

Collecting CAKE rewards

Click “Collect”
“Compound” or “Harvest” Rewards

How to Stake in LP Token Farms?

Liquidity Tab
Add Liquidity
Default Settings of “Add Liquidity”
“Add Liquidity” Menu
Click “Supply” Button
Summarized Version before Confirmation
Notification Pop-up
Amount of LP Tokens Received
Interface to Stake/Unstake LP tokens
“Your Liquidity” Section




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