How to Stake, Withdraw and Claim Rewards On PancakeBunny | Step-By-Step Guide

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If you’re new to the PancakeBunny platform and are a bit confused as to how to stake, withdraw and claim rewards on the platform, this step-by-step tutorial is for you.

We are going to focus on CAKE and BNB in this tutorial. But as soon as you learn how to interact with these farms, you can just perform the same exact steps when participating in other farms.

How to Claim Rewards on PancakeBunny

CAKE Farm Page

Let’s first talk about claiming rewards. In this example, there are 17.10 CAKE and 2.13 BUNNY available for claiming. If you want to claim these rewards, just follow the steps below.

1. Click CLAIM.

Clicking “CLAIM” will withdraw your profits only. If you want to perform another action, such as to deposit or withdraw, just click the “Deposit” or “Withdraw” button separately. You can also click “Exit: Claim & Withdraw” if you wish to claim the rewards and withdraw the deposited amount all at once. Take note that clicking “EXIT” will remove everything that you have staked including the rewards.

If you just want to partially withdraw your CAKE tokens, just input the number of CAKE tokens you wish to withdraw in the field above and click “WITHDRAW”. This will only withdraw your deposited CAKE without claiming the profit.

2. If you click Claim, A MetaMask pop-up like the one below will appear.

MetaMask Pop-up

This small window will show your gas price and gas limit. Normally, MetaMask will suggest the gas price to input. Currently, the gas price is 5.

You’re free to use Ledger hardware wallet on top of MetaMask to approve your transactions more securely.

3. Click “Confirm” and wait for the transaction to get completed.

Pending Transaction

In the upper right corner, you can see the status of the transaction. It will indicate “Pending”. It may take a little bit of time before the transaction gets approved, and once it does, a notification like this will appear:

Successful Transaction Notification

4. You can then click “View on bscscan”

Transaction Record

5. Then you can check your PancakeBunny CAKE farm and see that the profits/rewards are already removed and claimed.

Rewards Claimed

Notice how profits quickly show again since the platform constantly farms cake.

6. Next, click the Metamask chrome extension to see your CAKE and BUNNY tokens.

Rewards Reflected In Wallet

Expand the view by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right hand corner to clearly see the data.

3 Dots At Top Right-Hand Corner

7. Click “Add Token Address”.

Add Token Address

8. Then, click “Custom Token”. Input the contract address of the CAKE token and BUNNY token.

To acquire the contract address, just go to PancakeSwap document and copy the contract address from that page.

CAKE Token Address

9. Paste it to Metamask and you will see CAKE details populating.

Fill In Token Address

10. Click Next, and you’ll see the number of CAKE tokens you have claimed.

Number Of CAKE In Wallet

11. Next, add another token for BUNNY.

To get the BUNNY Contract address, go to PancakeBunny website.

12. Copy the BunnyToken, paste it on MetaMask, and the number of BUNNY you own will show accordingly.

BUNNY Token Address

You can do the same claim process with any farm you have. Just click “Claim” to claim the rewards, complete the MetaMask pop-up steps, click “Approve” and your profits will then be withdrawn to your wallet.

How to Stake in Single Token Pools

CAKE (Single Token Pool)

In the example above, the account has 26.58 CAKE in its wallet balance.

Staking CAKE

If you want to contribute to the CAKE pool, just perform the steps below:

1. Click “DEPOSIT”.

2. Input the number of CAKE tokens you want to stake.

3. Make sure you have BNB in your wallet because using PancakeBunny requires gas fees, and gas price is paid in Binance tokens or BNB.

Note: In terms of Bunny pool, when you deposit, notice the countdown below. There will be a 0.5% fee if you withdraw the deposit within 3 days.

Countdown Timer

How to stake in LP Farms


Here, you need to have LP tokens. To get CAKE-BNB LP tokens, go to PancakeSwap to create your LP tokens.

Here’s how to acquire LP tokens:

1. Go to PancakeSwap.

2. Click Trade. Then, click Liquidity.

Don’t use the V1 Liquidity or the older version. Make sure you choose “Liquidity” to access version 2.

3. Input the number of CAKE tokens you want to add.

For example, if you input 5 CAKE tokens, it will automatically calculate the number of BNB required to match the CAKE to create your LP tokens.

4. Click “Supply” and “Confirm Supply” and the liquidity will be added accordingly.

The Metamask pop-up will appear again. Just confirm that as well. The number of tokens will vary depending on the current rates.

5. After the transaction is completed, you can view the details on BscScan again to verify.

6. Refresh your PancakeSwap page and you will see the LP tokens acquired.

Number of LP Tokens Acquired

How to Stake in LP Farms

1. To perform the staking, go to PancakeBunny.

You can see your LP balance in your wallet on the CAKE-BNB farm.

2. To deposit your LP tokens, just input the number of CAKE-BNB FLIP tokens you want to add.

Click “Deposit” and once the Metamask pop-up appears again, just click “Confirm” to proceed with the transaction.

Staking CAKE-BNB LP Token

3. Review the transaction using your Ledger.

Choose “Accept” and the transaction will be completed shortly after. If you want to monitor the progress closely, click Pending and you’ll get redirected to this page where you can see the status live. You can further click the pending link to view the full details on BscScan.

4. Refresh PancakeBunny page

As soon as the transaction is successful, your deposit will promptly reflect on your CAKE-BNB farm. Do note the 0.5% fee still applies for withdrawals made within 3 days.

Now that you know how to operate on single token pools and LP token pools, you are able to perform the same process across any pool in the platform that you wish to stake in.

Hopefully, this tutorial has helped you understand how to stake, withdraw, and claim rewards on PancakeBunny. Happy farming!



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